Effective Bolting Security



Military Grade


Corrosion Resistant


WHAT: We provide superior fastener solutions to companies that are looking for set-and-forget security in their bolted products and projects, while being cost effective and simple to use.

HOW: Manufacturing an innovative category of locking fasteners with unique, highly effective and desirable properties.


Wedging directly in between the nut and
bolt threading is the key to securely
locking bolted connections and it is only
attainable with CoiLok™ Locking Fasteners.

We build superior locking fastener solutions
for companies that are looking for set-and-
forget security solutions.

LIMIT Lock Ltd. does this by manufacturing an
innovative category of locking fasteners with
unique, highly desirable properties.



What makes it so effective?

The CoiLok™ is the answer to the ever growing list of companies that need solid prevention of loosening for applications big and small. This is the practical and economical solution to solving the problem of bolted joint loosening failure - even under extreme vibration, dynamic loads, settling or embedment.

Turn any nut into a lock nut™
The CoiLok™ simply screws onto the bolt into the top of any nut by hand, tool or CoiLok™ Quick Tool, locking the nut into place preventing it from backing out and securing the entire bolted connection.

The secret sauce only attainable with the CoiLok™ is the direct wedge driven in between the nut and bolt threading- the Thread Wedge Effect (TWE).


Because many companies know that their fastening solutions are not optimal, but find it difficult to introduce much needed change.

Risk and cost dominate their approach. Resistance to change also needs to be overcome. They need simple safe alternatives, which introduce minimum new elements while improving safety and reliability.

CoiLok™ locking fasteners have been developed with these customer dilemmas clearly in mind.

Our locking fasteners are the first of their kind. They significantly reduce risk, while being simple and cost effective, yet require minimum change to the bill of materials or operating procedures.